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"Gimme a Break [Sep. 9th, 2006|09:09 am]
[Current Mood |complacentcomplacent]

I wrote this poem exactly 7 years ago, on 9-9-99.
Some of you already know it & love it.
(You know who you are, lol)
Other's might think I'm a little crazy.
(Um, duh!)
But what the hell do you expect?
To tell you the truth, a lot of what is said in this poem were not exactly my thoughts, but rather the thoughts & ramblings of others around me at the time.
Some of the things were things people said to me.
About me.
Some are things I believed people were thinking about me.
The way people treated me.
It was a crazy time in my life.
(And you gotta remember, there was also a bit of drug use happening around that time period, lol)
Ok, so,. here it is.
Tell me what you think.

"Gimme a Break"

Love is a tight chain
That bonds two idiots
You can trust no one
"Play the field" as morons say
But what I say is
"Just fuck a lot"
Fun is a double bladed knife
Slicing your ex's throat
Tell reality to fuck off
Imagination works miracles
For an orgasm
Money CAN buy everything
Passion is only a fruit
There would be no world
If there were no drugs, sex, money
And especially those damned lawyers
Smoking is a good thing
If you smoke the right things
Tripping your mind off
You might just figure out that
Life sucks and everybody's horny
People will die before they notice
Happiness just doesn't exist
Loneliness is wonderful
If you are lonely with the right people
Otherwise, why are you still alive
If you don't like someone
Tell them to fuck off
Rhinestones, diamonds, and bobbypins
You still look fucking ugly
You nasty bitch!
My mom needs to get laid
She gets bitchier every day
Telephone bills are stupid
Rotary phones suck
Trust me, I can solve all the mysteries
Doritos give you bad breath
Play with pigs
And I don't mean cops
Hold on to what you can't have
You just might get it
Listen to what your parents have to say
Then laugh in their face
Eat grass
Dirt is bad for you
If you have a problem
And need someone to talk to
Don't come to me
Stay in the hot seat
Don't abuse your privelages
Unless you want to
If you are fat, I'll offer you a cookie
Play with fire
Do you have a favorite color?
If you answered yes to that question
You are a fucking moron
Eat, sleep, then die
Nobody wants you around
Hold on tight!
You're in for a ride!!!